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temporary work

Do you value the freedom to choose what, when, and where you work?

Work as part of pobula!


1. Fill in your expert profile here.

2. We will contact you, and map out your job search aspirations 

and capacities with you.

3. We will look for new job opportunities for you according to your interests, from gigs to part-time work and full-time employment. You decide what kind of job you want to go for!

4. We are here for you starting from job search all the way to your daily working with our customers. We will do our best to negotiate your employment contract in your best interests and help you with all work-related challenges. We only work with customers / employers who share similar values with us to keep our promise of rewarding working days.

We can start your job search immediately, even if you are still employed by another employer. As part of pobula, you can choose to work for various employers.

Check out our clients’ vacancies here.

Welcome to pobula!

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